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What are the merits of masturbation for men and women?

What are the merits of masturbation for men and women

If we talk about masturbation in the aspect of its merits, it is the medium to fulfill all sexual needs if man or woman don't have their opposite sex partner. When they want to quench well their all steamy feelings they prefer sex toys for the masturbation purpose, man use male toys for masturbation like masturbator, women use vibrators for it. Masturbation is the process to arouse genitals personally of men or woman for taking sexual pleasure. It is done in solo. Man rubs his penis and woman rubs her vagina or clitoris. Of course there are people who do not use masterbastion toys, but now there are various toys and there are many people who have used it.

Man or woman do masturbation into the bedroom or bathroom. They can also take assistance from their opposite sex partner to provide them masturbation that could be a part of foreplay for them. If doing masturbation for the first time it gives them different experience in personal sexual life that cannot be forgettable by you.

When having masturbation, you must know about masturbation process well. The correct way is first need to understand about masturbation. If never did before the masturbation, it gets mandatory to know about.

Masturbation provides real erotic temptation which always fantasized in dreams by man or woman. If man or woman do not have own sex partner, they try masturbation. The pleasure gets steamy and nobody can define it except you. It is well known as solo sex among people.

Man takes penis in hand and starts slowly to rubbing it. You can raise the motion and that gives the pleasure double. The penis will throw out swiftly the white orgasm. If it is first time for man so penis may get discharge early but after that penis will take long time to throw out the orgasm. If woman is masturbating, she also may get wet but after that it takes long. It can be done by anyone even man and woman already have sex partner.

Masturbation gives enlargement of penis through massaging penis and that leads to the explosive climax. Many masturbators are designed in hollow shape and in the form of vaginal canal that provides flexible experience to the penis nerves. In the aspect of women, the dildo will provide the best stimulation into anal or vagina. The merit of masturbation will be at ecstasy level that will provide an unforgettable experience to both man and woman. So it is enjoyable for genitals.

What are the disadvantages of masturbating men and women?

What are the disadvantages of masturbating men and women?

If man or woman is masturbating, it is essential to know well about it. If you are beginner it becomes more important for you to know. Masturbating is done by the help of sex toys but using the sex toys precisely is more important for males and females. If they don't know about its proper use or functions, it is important to know about it first.

Masturbators are majorly available in two types that is handheld masturbator and hands free masturbator. When using these masturbators it will be better to use good quality oil or lubricant. The rigidness will be reduced after using good quality oil or lubricant. The coating of lubricant will provide comfort but it might be discomfort and swelling may occur if not use properly on penis or vagina or anal.

If using masturbator use the condom to keep clean the masturbator because after getting discharge the masturbator gets dirty. So use the condom to keep it clean. After using the masturbator don't forget to wash it and avoid to share it with anyone. The biggest disadvantage could be the sharing of masturbator to anyone that may give many sexual diseases like HIV, AIDS etc. So it is made only for the particular user.